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Case Studies

High School Air Quality/Odor Investigation

November 2021


Due to reported noxious odors, Indoor Environmental Concepts (IEC) was engaged to perform an assessment of the air quality at a local high school, specifically evaluating office space serviced by a forced air heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Initial inspection of the system and ceiling space by the HVAC service provider did not identify any unusual conditions.


IEC’s review of the HVAC system design, which services the area of concern, revealed the Air Handler Unit (AHU-2) is in the boiler room with the fresh air intake located in the west wall adjacent to an exterior courtyard. The gas fueled  boilers were ruled out  as the source of the odor by visual inspection and measurements from a photoionization detector for VOCs. 



Early Childhood Center Moisture Intrusion

September 2021


In September  2021, Indoor Environmental Concepts (IEC) conducted a moisture assessment at an Early Childhood Center due to repeated concerns regarding moisture intrusion. The assessment specifically involved the stair corridor on the left side of the stage adjacent to an emergency exit and exterior window as a result of water damage to the walls and growth of mushrooms at the baseboard.


Amid the assessment, IEC recognized the stage left stair corridor was adjacent to an exterior wall. The water intrusion and mushroom growth extended approximately four feet along the baseboard in both directions from the corner. Moisture meter readings from the baseboard confirmed elevated water content of the wood, which is required for both mushroom and fungal growth.


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