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Odor Investigations & VOC Testing

Indoor Environmental Concepts, LLC., provides Odor Investigations services to help solve odors found in buildings.  We provide a detailed report of the findings upon completion of your project.


What is Your Mystery Odor?

Odors in a property can cause everything from a nuisance to health concerns for building occupants. These same odors can even lower property values.


Common problematic odors in residential properties may include everything from smells due to cigarette smoke, cooking odors and cleaning supplies to pet odors or basic dirty conditions.


Other sources of unpleasant odors may be coming from mold, bacteria, sewer gases or off-gassing from building materials and household products (formaldehyde and other VOCs for example). In some circumstances these odors may be causing short or long term health concerns. Some off-gassing chemicals may even be known carcinogens.


In the work environment, employee complaints are often the initial cause of odor investigations. In many work environments the use of various chemicals is common place. If not properly used or incorrectly stored these chemicals can cause significant odor issues.


These odors may be causing health concerns or lost productivity for the workers. If not properly handled by management these same odor concerns can sometimes turn

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