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Firm Leadership

Michael P Menz, CIH, CHMM



Michael P Menz, CIH, CHMM founded Indoor Environmental Concepts (IEC) in 2011, which for a time held his own name, Menz Industrial Hygiene Services. Over the years, his core focus has been professional excellence and mastery in the field, building a company that has become one of the region’s leaders in industrial hygiene and environmental consulting. Providing top level indoor environmental quality evaluations (IEQ), asbestos investigations, silica exposure assessments and mercury in rubberized gymnasium flooring management are just a number of the services he manages regularly. Mike does more than oversee and lead the team projects; he is hands on from start to finish. He performs and is responsible for all aspects of the work to include preparation of sampling strategy and sample result interpretation for exposure assessments, lead-based paint consultation and clearance dust examination, and preparing universal hazardous waste inventories.  READ MORE >

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